Joe Rogan and mixed martial arts. Dumb and dumber.

By Mike Cassell



††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† For those of you who think it isnít an insult, to use the word ďmixedĒ in front of the word martial arts, probably has never witnessed the joke that is mixed martial arts, or do not know anyone who has dedicated their life to the ďrealĒ martial arts. Joe Rogan, a really bad comedian who has made a living watching yuppies hang from bungee chords on Fear Factor, a show that single handedly took the combined American I.Q.Down a few points, seems to be opening his mouth, and talking about things he knows nothing about. Do us all a favor Joe, go do a few nights at Chuckles, and leave the sport of boxing to real mean who donít wear make up on T.V. If I have to sit and listen to one more idiot, debate why the UFC or Pride is better than boxing, Iím going to go out and start training, in how to kick guys in the privates, and pull hair, so I can I can personally open up a can of you know what on these empty headed morons. Max Kellerman recently made some ridiculous statements on HBO regarding this subject as well. Max, let me give you a little advice. Learn the game of boxing before you begin to exult the virtues of glorified street fighting.Idiots like Rogan and Kellerman are trying to cash in for the fast money. It is the reason boxing has found itself where it is today.


Boxing is a professional game that takes real skill. The Martial Arts are a real skill that takes years of dedication and skill. Mixing the supposed martial arts, and calling it a sport, is as bad as mixing tennis and football, and calling it entertainment. As much as I would have liked to see John McEnroe sacked a few times, it would never really be a sport. Letís call it what it is. It is a blood sport that prays on the weak minded violence seeker. Boxing can be the same way at times, due to morons like Rogan, who donít probably mind too much when a fight goes on a little longer than it should. Fortunately, boxing has turned a corner, and although there are fatalities every year, refereeís are getting more skilled, and making sure when a man is beaten, the fight is over. It takes great will and skill to be a boxer. Fans love a K.O., but fans also can recognize that it takes talent and ability.I challenged any mixed whatever fighter to step into the ring with a real WORLD CHAMPION. I guarantee they would not last a few rounds with a world class fighter. You canít lie on the ground and hug each other; itís more of a chess match, less of a death match. Lou Dibella said it best when he challenged Rogan on ESPN, ďThis is human cock fightingĒ, and I couldnít agree more.


How Rogan suddenly became an overnight expert on boxing, Iíll never know, but there is one thing I know for sure. He is definitely NOT the guy to tell Lou Dibella, who by the way, forgot more about boxing than Rogan will ever know, what is better than or for, the sweet science. He just doesnít know enough about it. Now, if boxing involved eating roaches, or pulling flags from a pole, while hanging from a building during a blood filled cock fight, well he is the guy we all would call.



Mike Cassell